Do you have a need for someone to really LISTEN to you?

Are you concerned about confidentiality? Are you going through some sort of crisis right now in your life? Do you have ONE hour per week to set aside to have a Stephen Minister meet your needs?

Crisis’s can strike at any time. The death of a loved one, grieving, divorce, pregnancy complications, dealing with changes due to aging, dealing with changes in health of yourself or a loved one, loss of a job or retirement.
Do you feel alone even though you have family and friends? Do you sometimes have feelings regarding these types of events that you don’t want to burden others with?

If any of these conditions resonate with you, you may benefit from having a Stephen Minister. For more information, contact Pastor Jennifer or any of our Ministry leaders. Jerry Thompson, Steve Badillo, Marcia Cooley. You will soon have the confidential person who will LISTEN, PRAY (if requested), SHARE CHRIST’S LOVE, and EXPLORE feelings that you are uncomfortable sharing with someone else. Our Stephen Ministers work one-on-one to plant a seed of hope and healing in a person who’s life seems barren and forlorn because of a crisis or tragedy please call the church office (805) 526-7577.

If you think that you may want to become one of our Stephen Ministers, we will equip you; our congregation will support you, so that you too can show God’s mercy, care and compassion to another who is hurting. You will walk beside your care receiver, pray for him or he, and help him or her to work through life’s difficulties. We will be starting a new Stephen Minister class soon. To learn more about the class please contact any of our Stephen Ministry leaders listed above